Unified Communications & Collaboration

How can everybody in your organization effectively and securely communicate in this digital landscape? Let us help.

Not long ago, we were dealing with just telephones and email. But today, the options for integrated communication are vast: group chat, video chat, blog sites where people can collaborate, presentation systems where your users can put presentations on a big screen, Webex and so much more.

At AEC, we help you harness the benefits and address the challenges of this communication-rich digital age to create a unified communication solution.

We help you:

  • Define clear pathways and a roadmap for communication tools that integrate seamlessly and actually get utilized to support communication. 
  • Ensure these communication tools are simple and usable for your employees.
  • Streamline these tools for functionality.
  • Assist you in offering the tools and assets that Millennials are used to using, in a way that supports your company.
  • Capture information on all of these communication methods. 
  • Determine how to integrate employee’s personal assets into your communications infrastructure and get corporate information off that device should they leave. 

Ready to develop a unified communications solution that supports your company’s goals? Let’s talk.