Software-Defined Data Center

Is your data center streamlined and efficient? 

In the past, data centers were places where people wandered through acres of racks, storage units and cabinets. This led to sever sprawl and a huge drain on power, maintenance and support staff. Today, virtualization has vastly consolidated data centers. Now a single server can be partitioned to run multiple operating systems. This provides so much flexibility and the ability to consolidate.

At AEC, we provide customized data centers that are flexible, efficient and streamlined.

We help you:

  • Re-define traditional physical deployment models into efficient virtual platforms that increase your business agility.
  • Create a virtual infrastructure that is more responsive and beneficial to your business and bottom line.
  • Adopt and apply the benefits of virtualized systems to address availability, recovery, consolidation, and cost reduction.
  • Standardize your environment for best practices using a templated approach to deployment.
  • Gain flexibility to redistribute workloads, replicate virtual machines, and redistribute operating systems environments based on utilization.
  • Provision new systems more rapidly.

Is your Software-Defined Data Center supporting your business? Let’s talk.