Network Security/Threat Prevention

Are you protecting your company from new threats every day—or just hoping a breach won’t affect you?

In today’s threat landscape, many attackers are using conventional tools that won’t be detected by virus scanners and signature-based systems. If a hacker gains access to your company’s information, there is a payoff for them. This means hackers are incredibly motivated. The threat landscape is enormous: malware, viruses, trojans, spyware, ransomware, worms, adware, phishing attacks. All methods are intended to gain access to data—customer information, emails addresses, passwords—so hackers can take advantage of your company or your customers.

At AEC, we assess the threat landscape and develop a process and set of solutions that aligns with your business’s appetite for risk. 

We help you:

  • Secure your environment. 
  • Help you to develop a zero-trust model.
  • Follow a set of practices to mitigate risk.
  • Implement behavioral analytics to pinpoint suspicious activity.
  • Keep end users secure.
  • Have a process and plan in place for recovery should there be a breach.

Need a strategic partner who can help you prevent threats and keep your network secure? Let’s talk.