EUC/IOT/Application & Desktop Virtualization/Mobility

Are you leveraging the internet and cloud services to keep intellectual content secure while enabling your users to perform their job functions from multiple devices and locations?

Just because employees need to interface with information from anywhere doesn’t mean the information needs to actually be everywhere. When your end users are connected, whether wired or wireless, on corporate assets or personal devices, their digital workspace can be available with a consistent look and feel, without increasing security risks, or compromising performance. 

At AEC, we help you ensure that your employees can access their entire application environment, from locally-based apps to cloud delivered services, in a secure, consistent manner that you control.

We help you: 

  • Maximize end-user-computing experience while keeping info secure.
  • Leverage internet-based software and applications in a seamless manner that shields the complexity from the end-user while keeping data safe.
  • Virtualize desktops to reduce drain on IT and budgets.
  • Mobilize your workforce and enable access from the myriad devices the user may leverage to perform his or her job function.
  • Expedite application deployment and maintenance. 
  • Right-size licensing by assigning users the applications they require.

Need a partner who can assist you in keeping intelligence internal, while ensuring possibilities are vast? Let’s talk.