Cloud Transformation and Hybridization

Are you harnessing the cloud’s benefits responsibly and sustainably? We can help.

In today’s digital environment, the benefits of the cloud are undeniable. What used to be hosted internally, and under IT control, is now provided online as a service (aaS)—from AWS to Azure to Salesforce and more. With this evolution, there are necessary considerations. Cloud transformation puts a lot of power in third-party hands; it’s critical that you have a plan for retaining and retrieving your information and business-processes if something goes wrong with a third-party provider. 

At AEC, we help you leverage the benefits of cloud transformation while being agile and responsive in reducing risks. 

We help you: 

  • Integrate your internal systems with the public cloud in the most efficient, resilient, secure way.
  • Mitigate risk.
  • Better understand the complex elements involved in your cloud-based integrations, and your company’s goals for the future.
  • Help you determine what to keep internal, what to transform to the cloud, and how to merge the two.
  • Execute strategically.

What makes the most sense for your organization when it comes to Cloud Transformation and Hybridization? Let’s talk.